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Boy George Catches Flack on Twitter for Copycatting Kylie's 'Tension' Cover

Kilian Melloy READ TIME: 1 MIN.

Boy George is "recycling" the look and style of the artwork for Kylie Minogue's "Tension" album, and the Twitterati are calling him out for it.

The artwork for the new Boy George single "Religion" features the same color scheme, layout, and cardiogram-style font as the Minogue album, a similarity that prompted one person to query the out British rocker: "Can you share why you... tribute Kyle's Tension with your "Religion" cover?"

Replied Boy George: "I'm recycling everything. It's all the rage. Even fashion is catching on?"

Some Twitter users had different words for it.

"Recycling? Baby this is cloning," one person posted.

Declared another, "Similarities? Baby that's copy pasta..."

A third exclaimed, "I know that every masterpiece has its cheap copy but what the hell is this..."

Yet another Twitter user gave it to the "Relax" singer with both barrels, posting, "Boy George is an absolute prick. Not only did he leak Padam Padam, he's now ripped off Kylie's cover art."

Added the post: "And let's not forget the time he chained up and battered a sex worker!"

Sniped another, "Boy George needs to unchain that poor boy from that radiator and leave Kylie's artwork alone. She better sue".

"This is stealing," yet another declared.

Even a self-professed fans were taken aback.

However, one fan pointed out that Boy George's cheeky appropriation might have been a long-delayed clapback to a similar "recycling" of artwork from a Boy George album the fan said Minogue got up to decades ago.

Have a look at some of the other responses the "recycling" drew on the social media platform now known as X:

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