Hunky Olympian Proves that Cardboard Beds Are Sturdy Enough for Sex

Tuesday July 27, 2021
Originally published on July 19, 2021

Rhys McClenaghan demonstrates the sturdiness of the cardboard beds at the Olympic Village
Rhys McClenaghan demonstrates the sturdiness of the cardboard beds at the Olympic Village  (Source:Twitter)

One Olympic athlete is out to prove that the cardboard beds provided in the Olympic Village are sturdy enough for sex. A viral video by Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan puts the bed to the test.

"Rhys McClenaghan, 21, filmed himself jumping on the 'sustainable' cardboard beds in the Athlete's Village on Sunday to debunk 'fake news' claims that the frames are unstable and cannot support 'strong physical activity,'" reports the Daily Mail.

"The footage even drew a response from the official Olympics Twitter thread which said 'thanks for debunking the myth... the sustainable beds are sturdy!'"

Rhys McClenaghan  (Source: Twitter)

"In today's episode of Fake News at the Olympic Games," says McClenaghan at the onset of his short video. "The beds are meant to be anti sex. They're made out of cardboard, yes. but apparently they're meant to break in any sudden movements. It's fake FAKE NEWS!"

As he speaks, he gets onto the bed and vigorously jumps up and down to make his point.

The video was thought to be in response to a tweet from American Olympian Paul Chelimo (@Paulchelimo) who had earlier posted: "Beds to be installed in Tokyo Olympic Village will be made of cardboard, this is aimed at avoiding intimacy among athletes

"Beds will be able to withstand the weight of a single person to avoid situations beyond sports.

"I see no problem for distance runners,even 4 of us can do"

Last January Olympic officials denied the beds weren't "suitable for post-competition revelry - saying they would hold up, provided only two people were on them," reports the DM.

"Manufacturer Airweave said at that time that the bed frames can withstand up to 440lbs (200kg), more than enough weight for two people under the covers."

"We've conducted experiments, like dropping weights on top of the beds,' the Airweave spokesperson said. "As long as they stick to just two people in the bed, they should be strong enough to support the load."

For his part, the super-fit Rhys McClenaghan has been thirst-trapping on Instagram: