Watch: 'Star Trek: Discovery' Star Comes Out as 'Queer and Proud'

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Sunday January 17, 2021

Mary Wiseman has come out as "queer and proud" following an interview in which the actor, who plays Ensign Sylvia Tilly on "Star Trek: Discovery," seems to be saying "I'm not straight" when addressing the presence of LGBTQ characters in the long-running franchise. reports that Wiseman was chatting with Dawn Ennis in a video interview for when the audio failed on Wiseman's end as she seemed to mouthing the words, "I'm not straight."

Wiseman confirmed that those were her words, Ennis reported in a followup article on the franchise's official site.

"I didn't pay it much attention at the time, but a curious viewer who saw the YouTube video of my interview with Wiseman noticed the audio intermittently muted, when I mentioned that many of her co-stars were members of the LGBTQ community," Ennis explained. "YouTube personality Verity Ritchie read Wiseman's lips, and so I went back to the actress to pose her question: 'I'm pretty sure you say, "I'm not straight"? Is my lip reading off?'

"'I did say this! It's not a big deal at all,' Wiseman told me in a Twitter DM," Ennis reported.

Wiseman went on to add: "I just didn't want to say I'm straight when I'm not!" claimed Ennis.

Wiseman is married to actor Noah Averbach-Katz, who has a recurring role on the just-completed third season of "Star Trek: Discovery," but, she told Ennis, before marrying him, "I dated and loved people of all genders."

"I never liked it when straight-presenting women dominated conversations about bisexuality/pansexuality when I was with women, so I try not to do it now," Wiseman added, "but I also don't want it to feel like I'm hiding anything because I'm queer and proud!"

"Star Trek: Discovery" broke new ground in the fictitious future world of the franchise by introducing a partnered gay male couple, played by openly gay actors Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz. The series doubled down by introducing two new LGBTQ characters this past season, one of them non-binary and the other transgender (played by Blu del Barrio and Ian Alexander).

Meantime, on "Star Trek: Picard," which debuted last year, fan-favorite "Star Trek: Voyager" actor Jeri Ryan (whose character, Seven of Nine, was initially rumored to be gay when she joined the "Voyager" cast in 1997) returned to the "Star Trek" fold with recurring guest appearances. As the show's first season drew to a close, Seven of Nine was revealed to have become romantically involved with Raffi Musiker, played by series regular Michelle Hurd.

Watch the interview between Ennis and Wiseman below. The conversation turns to the show's LGBTQ characters and cast members at the 18-minute mark.

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