Watch: Twitter Reacts to July 4th Partying on Fire Island as Attendee Recovering from COVID Lashes Out

Tuesday July 7, 2020

Photos and videos of people partying, which were purportedly taken at the gaycation hotspot Fire Island in New York, went viral over the July 4th weekend.

Several Twitter users reacted to the snaps and vids of large crowds gathered on the beach and took issue that the partiers were not practicing social distancing or wearing face masks. Crissle West, host of the popular podcast "The Read," perhaps summed things up best: "Why the hell is ANYBODY at Fire Island this weekend?? What the fuck are y'all doing?"

The Daily Mail reports cops from the Suffolk Police Department were called to the beach in Fire Island Pines twice on Saturday due to large groups of people not social distancing or wearing face masks. The newspaper writes cops "walked through the gathering and reminded people to social distance, however no citations were issued."

One Fire Islands attendee in particular went viral over the weekend. Corey Hannon, 27, took to social media last month to share that he recently was diagnosed with COVID-19. He later revealed in a video that he had quarantined himself for just eight days and decided to go to Fire Island for the weekend celebrations regardless.

The Daily Mail reports that Hannon, who lives in New York, talked about having COVID on Facebook just days before his trip to Fire Island.

"Random as hell but feeling grateful! 11:18 p.m. Day 7 and my body has decided it is done with COVID-10 [sic]. Praying I wake up tomorrow with this good feeling and it's not just a tease," he reportedly wrote on June 30. Three days later, on July 3, he shared that he was packing for his trip.

"All ready to get the fuck out of the city to Fired Island to celebrate the fucked up thing we call America," he wrote.

But a day later, he reportedly took to Facebook again to say he wasn't feeling well.

"Fuck you, Miss Rona. I thought I was cured," he wrote, referring to COVID-19.

The Daily Mail notes all his Facebook posts have since been deleted.

While on Fire Island, Hannon took to Instagram to lash out against people criticizing him for his outing but has since deleted the video as well.

"You know what, I did have COVID," he said, according to The Daily Mail. "Everyone knows I had COVID, and you know what I did? I sat in my fucking bedroom and quarantined myself for eight fucking days. And suffered through COVID. And now I'm out celebrating. So go fuck yourselves. I hope all of you get fucking COVID, you nasty, nasty trolls."

In the deleted clip, Hannon also gives the middle finger to his viewers.

Hannon gave a statement to the Daily Mail, apologizing for his comments and actions over the weekend, saying he would "never maliciously hurt someone."

"Spending the beginning of my 2020 homeless to now living in a beautiful apartment in Hells Kitchen, I'm not some privileged, arrogant, uneducated person," he said. "I'm a very well educated, humble, passionate human being who made a poor choice and for that I am sorry."

He went on to say the he claimed to have COVID-19 on social media because he was reportedly told by his physician he "most likely had it."

"I chose to be on the safe side and live and act as if I had it. When the symptoms subsided so rapidly, I began to think maybe I didn't. I made a mistake and now realize I should've stayed in longer," he told the Daily Mail. "I am still not feeling any symptoms and have not since last Wednesday. When I posted that I wasn't feeling well, while on the beach, it wasn't a COVID symptom. I was simply not feeling well from the heat. After being severely dehydrated from Covid mixed with 90 degree heat, it didn't settle well."

Hannon also posted a nearly eight-minute apology video on his Facebook.

"This cancel culture we've created has got to end," he said. "The messages I'm getting -- the death threats, waking up with reporters outside my house, being followed, being booed off a train last night -- it's not OK. We can't tell people to go kill themselves. I'm lucky I'm very strong and I have an amazing mother that helps me through all this."

Twitter reacted to Hannon's videos and other photos taken during the celebrations on Fire Island over the weekend. (You can also watch Hannon's original video, as well.) Find those responses below.