Watch: Out & Proud High Schooler Never Felt Pushback for Being Gay

Monday July 13, 2020

Terrence Bogan
Terrence Bogan  (Source:YouTube Still)

Connecticut high schooler Terrence Bogan knew he was gay in middle school and willingly shared his orientation with his classmates.

In a lengthy profile in the Hartford Courant, Bogan, 18, — who is both a football and track star and an award-winning singer and actor — "started speaking openly about his sexual orientation more than two years ago and represents the best of being gay and brave and proud in ways that don't necessarily come easy for many his age, if ever."

"It is a little scary," he told the newspaper. That is especially true "when he looked to colleges to attend in the fall. So much so that when a story was being written about him at that time, he asked "to not have the part of me being openly gay in it — just in case," the newspaper adds.

Then he reconsidered.

"I felt like, why would I want to go to a school that is not going to really accept me for who I am? But it was the scariest part. What if this affects my future? What if it affects me playing football in college? What if it causes an imbalance with the team? That stuff runs through my mind," he said. "But at the end of the day, what you have to worry about is you. I'm really just doing whatever I can to make myself happy, then to make sure everyone around me is good."

What he learned was that the reverse came to be.

"The reaction to his story in the Courant, which has also been picked up by Yahoo, has been overwhelming and positive, writes Outsports. "Bogan has already heard from a young teenage athlete who had been scared to come out, but since reading Bogan's story has already come out to his parents.

"It made me tear up a little bit hearing that," Bogan told Outsports. "It's awesome. Other people tell me 'congrats,' but this was a 'thank you.' It feels so rewarding, that I'm on the right path."

"Bogan will attend Trinity College as a football player in coach Jeff Devanney's Division III program, a member of the theater department and a member of the track and field team," reports the Courant.

What may be most unusual and gratifying about Bogan is how he says he has never experienced overt homophobia.

"Bogan said he has never been profiled, to his knowledge, and has never heard a derogatory term uttered regarding his race or orientation. He has always felt accepted, always had many friends, always felt like just another kid in a mostly-white town. For that, he's grateful. For that, he credits the diversity of his pursuits, and the people he has been surrounded by," the Courant adds.

In addition to his sports achievements, Bogan is an accomplished theater performer, having recently won Broadway World's Next on Stage high school singing competition (out of 800 competitors).

Watch Terrence Bogan perform "A Piece of the Sky" (from "Yentl") as part of the Broadway World's Next on Stage high school competition.

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