7 Gay Couple Goals and Tips for Better Sex and Love Life

Friday August 27, 2021

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A love relationship with a partner or spouse is itself a goal, whether you're straight or gay. We all want to love and be loved. Period.

Like any relationship, a love relationship needs care and maintenance. But unlike other relationships, it requires a different approach. Gay couples, in particular, have distinct life experiences and encounter disparate challenges, and therefore work toward different goals.

From the relationship basics of openness and honesty to nurturing your intimacy and whisking out your trusty Autoblow, here are gay couple goals and tips you may aspire to and work toward in your gay love relationship journey.

1. Come Out to Family and Friends.

When one or both of you are still in the closet, you cannot be your genuine selves, limiting you and your relationship. Hiding all or a part of yourself or your relationship holds your relationship back.

Coming out as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or non-binary individual and couple — at least to the people who matter to you — will add a sense of comfort to your relationship. Coming out will also help you identify your LGBTQ+ allies, allowing you more comfort to be your genuine self — not to mention it expands your social network. Gaining support from people you trust will help get you through life's rough patches.

2. Be Open to Each Other.

Being a member of the LGBTQ+ is often fraught with challenges. As such, many of us still hide — unable and unwilling to come out — for fear of judgment and rejection.

It's important to remember that you mustn't hide from your partner when you're in a relationship. You shouldn't be afraid to be yourself around them and with them. If you're worried they won't accept you, and if they don't, then you should probably rethink your relationship.

3. Maintain Good Communication.

Along with being open with your partner is sharing with them your innermost thoughts and feelings. Communicate openly and honestly, and talk about your opinions and desires. This should go both ways with you also allowing your partner to express.

You may have to agree to disagree sometimes, but keep talking and listening and keep good relations. Though arguments and disagreements are unavoidable, always speak with kindness and love. Be careful not to hurt your partner by saying and doing things that would be difficult to take back. This is important to avoid resentments and misunderstandings.

4. Spend quality time together.

Even with our hectic lives, time with your partner, husband, or wife, shouldn't be sacrificed. Put your relationship and your partner first. Make sure your partner knows and feels they're important to you by always spending time with them.

Travel together or go out for a walk. You can watch a show or a movie, share a hobby, or start a project together. Enjoy each other's company. Do fun things and share experiences.

Spending good times together fosters positivity in your relationship, strengthens your bond, and brings you more love and happiness. As with everything important in life, time and attention are essential in making a relationship last.

5. Stay Intimate.

When the honeymoon phase is over, and life throws you back on the daily grind, it gets so easy to drift away and find no time to be together — this shouldn't be the case. Keep your intimacy aflame with consistent affection.

It doesn't have to be frequent sex or constant physical connection (esp. when you have to be physically apart). Sometimes just holding hands, hugging, kissing, or intimate conversations do the trick. What's important is to make time for some TLC to have your love and presence felt.

6. Keep Your Sex Life Interesting.,/slug>

As intimate relationships go, happy sex life is another goal to shoot for. Over time, sex can turn stale from overfamiliarity or for some other reason that you may need to spice things up a bit. Keep things interesting between the sheets by trying new positions together, new places to do it in, or new ways to please each other.

You may want to consult the Kama Sutra and try out positions and styles you haven't done before. You may aspire to be more adventurous and do it somewhere else besides your bedroom's four walls. Or you may get those toys out and experience new ways your Autoblow or vibe can better please you.

Know that there are endless ways you can keep it fun (and safe) and interesting for you both. Just be clear on your sexual agreements and boundaries, and adhere to them.

7. Make Commitments and Keep Them.

Choosing to be with someone in a relationship is a commitment. And if you make promises or commitments, stick to them and follow through. Enough said.


Gay couples who pursue relationship goals actively strive to create a healthy gay relationship. Being future-oriented and setting goals for your LGBTQ+ family will help you identify what you want for your relationship. You can talk about this with your partner, and together, you can envision the future you both want. Setting and working towards goals will help you have better sex and love life and give your relationship more direction and focus.