Review: 'Motherhood Out Loud' Explores Motherhood with Comic Vignettes

by Joe Siegel

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday July 14, 2021

 Erika Lund, Crystal Weeks and Nicole Wilcox in "Motherhood Out Loud"
Erika Lund, Crystal Weeks and Nicole Wilcox in "Motherhood Out Loud"  

"Motherhood is suffering," says one of the characters in "Motherhood Out Loud," a series of comic vignettes exploring the trials and tribulations of being a mother.

Granite Theatre's first post-pandemic production features accomplished performances by the ensemble cast, including Darla Allen, Dina Marie Ferri, John Lamar, Erika Lund ("Man of La Mancha"), Michelle Mania, Mary Pevear, Christine Reynolds, Mandy Solis ("The Curious Savage"), Crystal Weeks, Nicole Wilcox ("Einstein and the Polar Bear"), and young newcomer Kaylyn Wood.

Mania ("The Hollow") and Reynolds ("Bermuda Avenue Triangle") co-directed.

The show, conceived by Joan Stein and Susan Rose, and written by several playwrights including David Cale and Beth Henley, begins with expectant mothers dealing with labor pains and shows them dealing with raising infants, then toddlers, adolescents, and young adults.

The situations are relatable and sometimes poignant. One mother is faced with the dilemma of her son's gender identity when he wants to dress as Queen Esther for a Purim celebration at their synagogue.

Another mom expresses a mix of joy and worry as her son goes off to college.

We even see a gay dad describe the process of finding a surrogate mom so he and his partner can raise a child of their own.

"Motherhood Out Loud" shows the frustrations, as well as the pleasures, of bringing children into the world. In a series of monologues we hear about the sleepless nights, social gatherings, and other life events which impact all parents.

The dialogue is sometimes racy, as when a teenage girl learns about condom use and a teenage boy learns intimate details about the female anatomy.

You will walk away from this show with a greater appreciation of the responsibilities and dedication of our mothers. They give us life and they help shape us into the individuals we become.

"Motherhood Out Loud" runs through July 18. Granite Theatre. 1 Granite St., Westerly, RI. For tickets, call 401-596-2341.

Joe Siegel has written for a number of other GLBT publications, including In newsweekly and Options.