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Backlash Continues for Mario and Mark's Workout Adventure

by Robert Nesti
EDGE National Arts & Entertainment Editor
Tuesday March 31, 2020
Mario Lopez and Mark Wahlberg in Lopez's workout video
Mario Lopez and Mark Wahlberg in Lopez's workout video  (Source:Instagram)

For Mario Lopez, it was probably the lowest cut of all:

"I've never heard of you," read a comment from an Instagram user from Australia when they read of the television personality's workout with actor Mark Wahlberg that was streamed on the social media platform last week.

"But you just made the news in Australia for not staying at home as recommended by public health authorities," they continued. "You are setting a very bad example for others for what appears like purely self promotion. Maybe turn on the news and see how the virus is ravaging your country and killing the old and vulnerable."

Over the weekend, similar comments filled social media in response to the Instagram-streamed workout that featured Lopez and Mark Wahlberg at one of the actor's gyms in Sherman Oaks.

Prior to shooting the workout, both actors used social media to tell fans to "stay at home" during the pandemic.

"But the 'Spenser Confidential' actor and 'Access Hollywood' host were quickly accused of hypocrisy after they each posted clips from a joint workout at a gym in Los Angeles, Calif. while thousands of their viewers remained under quarantine at home," writes writes Fox News.

"Lopez shared the video and promoted the workout as being one that people could do from their own homes or gardens," reports the British newspaper The Independent.

In the video, Lopez said they were practicing social distancing: "That gazelle right there? My boy, Mark, we're staying six feet away. This place we're at right now we have completely to ourselves. It is sanitised, disinfected, we did a heck of a workout F45 style. Homie brought me the batting gloves. We're good to go."

In the video, the pair is joined by another man and a woman.

Since posting, the comments keep coming on Twitter:

And when he's not promoting his gym, Wahlberg's using social media to promote his restaurant chain:

And this Twitter comment:

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