Short Cuts: Luke Evans Quarantines, Sarah Palin's Divorce & Social Media Wants to Cancel Jodie Comer

Thursday July 9, 2020

Out Hollywood hunk Luke Evans recently shared Instagram pics of himself and his boyfriend Rafa Olarrato celebrate Pride. Yesterday it was announced he is quarantining. Not because he's sick, but because he's about to shoot Hulu's limited series "Nine Perfect Strangers" in Australia along with the rest of the cast. Hmmm. Wonder if Rafa will be joining him in seclusion. More here.

Sacha Baron Cohen continues his hilarious pranks. Two weeks ago he gaslit a right-wing rally, tricking the audience to singing a hate-filled song. Yesterday he hit up Rudy Giuliani wearing a pink bikini. Giuliani didn't find it attractive and called the police. More here.

She was one of Hollywood's legendary beauties and a great singer, yet because of racism never given roles that showed her capabilities. Showtime has announced a limited series about the great Lena Horne. The big question is just who will get the coveted role? More here.

Jodie Comer breakout performance as the bisexual assassin Villanelle on "Killing Eve" has made her a star; but today she's facing a social media backlash for dating a Trump-supporting lacrosse player. More here.

And did you know that former Alaska governor and failed GOP vice president candidate Sarah Palin divorced her husband of 30 years Scott Palin? They did so quietly in March. More here.