Jeffrey Dahmer Eyeglasses for Sale for a Cool $150K

Monday October 3, 2022

Evan Peters in the Ryan-Murphy-created "Dahmer," streaming now on Netflix
Evan Peters in the Ryan-Murphy-created "Dahmer," streaming now on Netflix  (Source:Netflix)

The new Netflix limited series "Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" relates how a wealthy man, disturbed at the prospect that the gay cannibal serial killer's personal effects were about to become grisly collectors' items, bought up the whole lot and had it buried in a landfill.

But not all of Dahmer's possessions were disposed of. Belongings he had in prison — such as his bible — survived to become coveted artifacts. Now, well-heeled collectors with a taste for the grotesque have a chance to snap up eyeglasses worn by Dahmer in prison, for an asking price of $150,000, The Daily Beast reported.

"A collectible shop owner in Canada told TMZ he would sell the serial killer's infamous glasses for $150,000," The Daily Beast documented. "It would be the crown jewel of Cult Collectibles in Vancouver, Canada, which also lists Dahmer's personal cutlery and Bible, among other personal items.

"Dahmer was convicted of 16 murders and sentenced to life in prison back in 1992," TMZ detailed, "but he only lasted a few years behind bars before being beaten to death at the hands of a fellow inmate."

Proprietor Taylor James "says he got his hands on the shades a couple years ago, along with a bunch of other Dahmer memorabilia, after being contacted by a former housekeeper for Jeffrey's father, Lionel," TMZ relayed. "Taylor agreed to manage and sell the collection through his website for a portion of the profit."

"It would be the second set of Dahmer glasses the store has sold," The Daily Beast said, noting that the store "previously sold another pair to a private buyer for a high price..."

Between the approach of Halloween and the 10-episode Netflix series, which is the work of prolific gay producer Ryan Murphy, interest in the serial killer may currently be at a peak. Frequent Murphy collaborator Evan Peters ("American Horror Story," "Pose") plays the title role.