Watch: Upcoming TV Spin-off 'Chucky' Plans to be 'Super Gay'

Thursday August 19, 2021

A screenshot from the teaser trailer for the upcoming series "Chucky"
A screenshot from the teaser trailer for the upcoming series "Chucky"  (Source:Twitter)

Chucky is making headlines this week since the franchise's upcoming television spin-off is "well, super gay,' according to Yahoo!News.

Not that the Chucky films haven't been gay in the past, as Yahoo points out. "Created by out gay filmmaker Don Mancini, the franchise has long infused a queerness into its films, whether that's the high camp of Jennifer Tilly's character Tiffany in 'Bride of Chucky,' a cameo from gay icon John Waters, or introducing Chucky's nonbinary child Glen/Glenda in 'Son of Chucky.' The movies have also consistently included LGBTQ+ characters in minor roles. With this latest entry in the series, however, a gay character takes center stage."

Mancini tweeted a video of the show's teaser trailer.

At [email protected], Mancini revealed that Jake Wheeler, the character who happens upon a Chucky doll at a garage sale, is a gay teen struggling with his sexuality and bullying while growing up in a small town.

"One of the things that fans always loved about the original movies is that the protagonist was a kid, it's called Child's Play," he said. "It's something we hadn't done that much of since Child's Play 3, but I wanted to switch it up. I thought focusing on young teens would be a new twist and to see how Chucky interacts with them."

Don Mancini
Don Mancini  (Source: Twitter)

This scenario allowed Mancini to explore a teen coming to terms with his sexuality. "There are lots of great scenes between Zach Arthur as Jake and his friend and crush Devon Evans (Bjorgvin Anarson)," he said.

"Chucky," the television adaptation, finished filming in Toronto earlier this month. "Chucky will serve as a direct sequel to Mancini's seventh film in the Child's Play franchise, 'Cult of Chucky,' and will consist of eight episodes. Mancini is writing every episode and directing the first. The pilot is set to premiere on October 12 on both SYFY and USA Network," reported Collider.

"Mancini has been involved with every 'Child's Play' installment besides the 2019 remake, including writing the screenplay of all seven films in the original franchise. Mancini made his directorial debut in 2004 with 'Seed of Chucky' before helming both 'Curse of Chucky' and 'Cult of Chucky.'"

Also returning to the series are several "Chucky" regulars. "Brad Dourif, who voiced Chucky in every film excluding the recent remake, will once again lend his voice to the infamous killer Good Guy doll in 'Chucky.' Other returning cast members who will appear as series regulars include Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay, Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce, and Christine Elise McCarthy as Kyle. Jennifer Tilly will also be appearing in the show in a recurring capacity as Tiffany Valentine, the long-time girlfriend of Charles Lee Ray. Filling out the rest of the cast is Zackary Arthur, Teo Briones, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Björgvin Arnarson, Devon Sawa Lexa Doig, Barbara Alyn Woods," Collider added.