Apple's Weather App Will Never Tell You It's 69 Degrees

Thursday July 15, 2021

Apple's Weather App Will Never Tell You It's 69 Degrees

iPhone users will never know if they're experiencing 69-degree weather — if they're using the iOS weather app, that is, The Verge reports.

The website writes that some versions of iOS, including the newest iOS 14.6, "will refuse to display the internet's favorite number, even if the actual temperature in a given location is, in fact, 69 degrees, along with several other (less meme-able) numerals like 65 and 71 degrees."

The Verge goes on to note that it's unclear if Apple made the move because the number is also the name of a sex position but adds that one reason why the issue exists is because the company "may be sourcing data for its iOS Weather app in Celsius and then converting it to Fahrenheit. For example, 20 degrees Celsius converts to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, while 21 degrees Celsius converts to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit — which rounds up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The app appears to have similar issues with temperatures like 65 degrees (where 18 degrees Celsius converts to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit, while 19 degrees Celsius is 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit)."

However, the weather app, Dark Sky — which is owned by Apple — does display the number 69 in its forecasts.