Popular Adult Streaming Site XTube to Shut Down this Year

Wednesday July 7, 2021
Originally published on July 7, 2021

Popular Adult Streaming Site XTube to Shut Down this Year

The popular adult streaming website XTube will soon be shutting down.

Founded in 2006 and one of the first sites that allows users to upload their own x-rated videos, XTube, part of the Pornhub Network, will stop operations on Sept. 5, the website The Next Web reports. There was no explanation as to why the site is being shuttered.

Its parent company MindGeek, however, has been hit with a number of lawsuits and allegations of human trafficking and hosting illegal content. It was reported last year that after a New York Times report found videos of underage sex and children being assaulted on PornHub, resulting in both Visa and Mastercard blocking customer purchases from the site. The site then purged more than 10 million of its 13.5 million videos. In doing so, Pornhub said they would only allow videos to be uploaded by verified users, which, in order to sign up, requires the user's age verification.

"It's a sad day for us a XTube, but we have to announce that after 13 years, XTube.com will be shutting down September 5th," a statement from the website reads. "We're proud of the vibrant community we've built since 2008, and we're grateful to all of you who have shared your content on our platform. Unfortunately, it's time for us to move on to greener pastures and greater things."

TNW points out that notice of the closure wasn't shared in many places, including XTube's Twitter account.

"I also searched across XTube's site and there is currently no announcement on its blog page. Its Twitter is also strangely silent on the matter. Instead, all the closure information is tucked away on XTube's FAQ page," TNW's Callum Booth writes.

But MindGeek gave TNW a statement.

"Like any tech company, we are constantly evaluating our content offerings and products to best serve our users. XTube has always had a dedicated but small community, and we believe that its users and creators will be better served on one of our existing platforms, where they will be able to take advantage of wider reach and increased visibility," the company said.

Anti-trafficking activist and founder and CEO of Justice Defense Fund Laila Mickelwait reacted the site's upcoming close in a tweet.