PopUps: Rapper Macklemore Looks Completely Different After COVID 'Glow Up' & Twitter Notices

Thursday September 24, 2020

Rapper Macklemore
Rapper Macklemore  (Source:Instagram / @macklemore)

Rapper Macklemore, perhaps best known for his LGBTQ love song "Same Love," is looking quite different these days, and Twitter is taking notice when he showed off his new look on social media this week.

Sharing a shirtless selfie on Instagram, Macklemore, 37, unveiled his natural curls and new facial hair.

"Oh you didn't think I was gonna hit the glow up during Covid? Tag someone that didn't know I had natural curls and enter in a chance to win my secret recipe for the perfect dangles," he captioned his post.

With his post earning more than 220,000 likes, a number of Instagram commenters gushed over his look. Over on Twitter there were plenty of more reactions, which you can check out below.


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