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Name SFO terminal for Milk

By BAR Editorial Board | Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
Next week, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors' Budget and Finance Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing March 22 on renaming Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport after slain gay supervisor Harvey Milk.

Coming out in love

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
A best-selling teen novel has become this spring's most charming gay film.

Transmissions: Striking gold

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
To be transgender in 2018 is to deal with challenging, difficult times. We face attacks from all sides, and the specter of death itself lays heavy upon our community.

Mama's Girl

By Sari Staver | Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
For decades, comic actress Vicki Lawrence has had an enthusiastic following in the gay community, but she still isn't sure exactly why.

Culture shock

By David Lamble | Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
"Oh Lucy!" is that rare foreign-language social comedy that one should not arrive late for.

Dance of defense

By David Lamble | Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
Israeli writer-director Samuel Maoz is diabolically clever in using the metaphor of an old-fashioned dance - the kind they used to teach in school before rock-n-roll - in his latest fiction feature "Foxtrot."

Scissor sister

By Jim Piechota | Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
If you're a sporadic drag queen like me, the pink, purple, and silver glitter palette on the cover of Jake Shears' new memoir should be enough to draw you in.

Guest Conductor Roulette

By Philip Campbell | Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
For the past two weeks at Davies Symphony Hall, the San Francisco Symphony played host to a pair of talented guest conductors.

Let's Get Metaphysical!

By Sura Wood | Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
Tangible forms of deities found in Buddhist and Hindu cultures constitute "Divine Bodies," an interesting if somewhat esoteric, narrowly focused new exhibition at the Asian Art Museum.

SF judges should be retained

By Angela Bradstreet, Terry Stewart, Donna Hitchens, and Linda Colfax | Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
San Francisco's LGBT judges urge the re-election of four of their straight colleagues.

11 thru 20 of 31544