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Watch: Drag Star Courtney Act Schools on Gender Identity 101

Tuesday Nov 14, 2017
Courtney Act
Courtney Act  

In a new tutorial for MTV, "RuPaul's Drag Race" star Courtney Act schools the world on Gender Identity 101.

In addition to explaining the differences between gender and sex, she clarifies gender identity vs. gender expression and popular millennial terms like cis gender, transgender (not transgendered), intersex, and what it means to identify as gender fluid, as Courtney Act does. She also argues on the importance of respecting a person's preferred pronoun.

Gender is at the forefront of pop culture today. The world is awakening to the idea that everything may not just be black and white (or blue and pink). Courtney Act is an emerging artist who captures this zeitgeist. She breaks the rules and lives life on the gender divide, sometimes as a girl, and sometimes as a boy. She's a pop culture star in the making for a new generation that is beyond labels.

Best known in the USA for being a top 3 finalist on TV's "RuPaul's Drag Race," Courtney first emerged in 2003 when, as her male persona Shane Jenek, she auditioned for the first season of Australian "Idol." When she failed to make the cut, she returned the next day as Courtney Act, made it through to the semi-finals and embarked on a national arena tour with her fellow Idols.

She describes herself as a Prius driving, vegan, pansexual, polyamorous, gender fluid, burner hippy child who is passionate about human rights, the environment and Justin Bieber.


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