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Emerging Pop Act FHB Brings Radio Hit and Masked Mystery to The Dinah

Thursday Mar 16, 2017

The very mysterious, buzz-heavy, artist FHB is set to take the sunny oasis by storm as one of the major performing acts to sign up for the biggest weekend in Lesbian Music Festival, The Dinah.

With the desire to have audiences focus on the music and not have race, age, gender or looks play a part in how the music is judged, the empowered new artists, FHB have yet to reveal their identity and/or what the three mysterious initials stand for.

Who is FHB? A group, a duo or a solo act? From their promo materials to music videos, the mysterious musicians wear a mask to let encouraged fans to appreciate the music for what it is.

What is certain is that FHB have created massive hype and are actively taking a stand with their debut Sony Music Entertainment single "Regular" featuring Trey Songz up-and-coming protege, J.R. -- an anthem that shatters societal norms.

As FHB continues to enjoy the success of "Regular," which received both radio and club attention, they're expected to release a full-length album this year.

Epitomizing the embodiment of nonconformity, FHB emphasize female empowerment as one of the most crucial foundations of their brand.

With The Dinah -- the largest lesbian event in the world -- celebrating women empowerment and putting an extra focus this year on women who have shattered the glass ceiling, FHB are a logical and natural addition to the event's line-up.

Both FHB and The Dinah have been blazing an unconventional path that speaks about their vision and philosophy. FHB is fearless. They are anything but regular. Faceless, nameless, but with a clear message!

Making a whole lot of noise, they have commanded the spotlight, and they have everyone eagerly waiting to see what's next. Stars in the making, FHB are about to blow up, so make sure you come along for the ride.

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